I started Perimenopause, found that I have Autoimmune Thyroiditis and started medication for my thryoid, this caused chronic migraines (I used to just get them the week or 2 before my cycle). All I ever had to take was Excedrin Migraine and Flexeril. However, after the thyroid meds the migraines were so fierce I ended up on Norco.
This has been going on for the last 2 years. Recently went to a Pain Specialist because I felt the dosage of Norco was too high and my doctor was becoming reluctant to prescribe more, leaving me without anything for breakthrough pain.

Ever since my Pain Specialist finally found a solution (time release Oxycontin), I've noticed more breakthroughs which occur whenever my hormones change. Along with this comes crying, and increased hunger, especially for sweets and fats.

I thought it was just me, but now it's been ongoing for about 3 weeks straight, with 3-4 breakthroughs a week, and more suicidal thoughts (more like giving up than suicide). I'm wondering if it could be the Oxy that is doing this?

I've tried one anti-depressant for my migraines, but I also have horrendous chronic fatigue and very low cortisone levels which make it very hard to drag myself through my day. The antidepressant made everything so much worse within 3 days of taking it that I could no longer live through that! It was like flogging myself with a thistle bush.

I'm wondering if I should talk to my pain specialist about these mood and hormone changes, or just talk to my chronic fatigue doctor about a different anti-depressant.

I hate to mess with something that works and I like not having to take frigging pills all day long, but this loss of my life is hard enough to sustain without having crying and depression and more headaches