I have been on them for major back (upper) problems for a year now. I am on 7.5mg. perks. i have never taken more than its says on the bottle. Which was 4 a day. I weened down to one a day and now its the middle of day two. I still have back pain but the thing is.. I'm trying to get preggy. Tomorrow is the first try. I can't take other medications because it could mess me up on my chance. I am also on worker comp. And don't exactly want to tell the doctors until I actually am preg. Is there anything safe for me... to do to calm me down... vomiting started today... even a sip of water makes me vomit. Shakes, cold sweats, restless legs hands and feet. Horrible headaches. Lights kill me at times. I want to scream then cry. I feel horrible... I see that a lot of people say it lasts long and then it doesn't. I'm confused on what I'm getting myself into.

Any tricks that worked that you don't mind sharing with me??? Please... I really need help... and just someone to talk to.

Thank you :)