My pain is sooo INTENSE @ times that I can't even take in a full breath! I have lost 70 lbs. Since the last week in June! Not being able to eat anything but yogurt & sugar free popsicles! I just found out that a lot of "friends" & some family has said I look like I have been living in a concentration camp : ( I have NO ENERGY & have 2 small children 6 1/2 & 4 and a husband of 5 years who is getting burnt out!! I go back to the GI Dr. & bariatric surgeon tomorrow 11/7/11! Does anyone have any suggestions of med's or other treatment I should mention to them? Please someone help me... I am on the verge of just wanting to dissapear so that everyone doesn't have to deal w/me anymore!! PLEASE HELP ME - I am sooo desperate & helpless???

Thank you in advance to all who may have any help or suggestions... mnmomma2011