Well it's been 22 hrs since I've taken anything for pain. I was on OpanaER and Morphine tabs. I took this to withdrawl off Oxycodone 90mgs evry 4hrs and Dilaude 16 mg evry 4hrs. I took them for 1 week. I cried, screamed and I was so emotional. Now I'm getting off the opana and morphine. I got cloidine, Xanax, something for my stomach, Soma for the spasms in ur muscle, and something for sleep.I smoke a little pot and it helps alot. So far so good. You can feel the withdrawls even with the opana and morphine but not as bad. I was just so tired of depending on something in the morning. . I want to get better not worse. I know my method with the pot isn't a good way to go but hey, it working! I'm a little less relax and my mind focusing on other things besides the withdrawls. I want my life back!!! I was almost 4 years clean and a car accident messed me up. I'm ok I just had bad fractures on my legs. I got scars that make me feel ugly and it's hard because I isolate. I have some people try to be there for me but I'm ashamed of abusing my meds. By the way I was a x herion addict. But DAMN! 4 years clean. I'm so mad that I have to go through this because I had it almost together. I was angry at god and the world for this happening to me. But now I'm determined to walk normal again. I'm gonna go to physical therapy and work hard. I also plan to check in a dual dignosis center (loony bin). There's a waiting list for the rehabs in my state. I would stay about a week in there(only amount of days insurance allows) then drug outpatient for a month. This is all after I get through the withrawls which should be mild. Gonna do it for 5 days and then check in someplace. Most people would disapprove of my plan but hey, just giving suggestions. I know I would like to hear about how someone got off. Give me hope, strength, faith, and patience. I know all of us can do it but we have to want it bad enough. I went through hell getting the pills to detox but I stuck through and got everything I needed. I'm doing awesome right now compared to the many other withdrawls years ago. I know if I have god, hope, and the will to kick this thing in the ass, I'm gonna %$#@ing make it! I know I didn't relapse on my own fault. My injuries were severe. I fractured hip and open fracture on my legs. By the way does anyone feel close to normal after these kind of fractures? Just like to know. By the way not gonna continue to smoke pot after the withdrawl part. I just want myself back. I suggest anti- depressants too. They help while ur body is trying to repair it'self. Seroquel hepls fot the sleep at night for the first month of being sober. U will know when ur ready to stop them. For me it was a month back in my heroin days. By the way any success stories would def help. I want to overcome this obstacle and have my life. I have done it before and I'll do it again.