well this was actually a answer but was so good i had to turn it into a Question Being that i have no insurance I take absolutely nothing no one wants to to seem to help I've been excising but it helps somewhat I suffer 24-7 365 for 4 years extremely and been emitted to the ER sometimes 3 times a day Im also a fulltime college student and work as well Learning is specially hard for me from these panic attacks and the pulpations lost of breath lost of thoughts and sharp stabs caused from years of negglect from health care that caused permanent muscle spasms and who knows what else Ive also tried herbal stimulants advil yoga relaxing music even went to see a shrink for positive thinking instead of cognetive thinking also eating right and sleeping but like I said I suffer all day and night none of these have helped any suggestions for over the counter medications PLEASE Anxiety has really did its toll on me and only wish i could one day be normal ThankYou ps i also heard of kava Benadryl rescue remedy saint johns wort so please may you inform me of any other more potent ones that i have named? Thank you