Last year in February I had a TKR on my right knee. Right before my surgery they placed 12 nerve blocks in the front of my hip and thigh and 12 in the back on my hip and thigh. My surgery started at noon and a little after 4pm I was in my room. That night around 8:00pm, my left entire leg and hip started hurting like crazy. I was literally in so much pain that I was awake all night. The nurse called my doctor and he ordered a pain medicine, a pain shot and then the nurse had me to push my PCP. The PCP contained demoral of which I am highly allergic to. However, I was given a choice either demoral or morphine and I show high allergic reaction to both. When the surgeon came in the next morning to check on me, he responded by saying I was experiencing surgery rebound pain on my left side. He stated every thing he did to the right side I felt all the way down on my left. Has any one else experienced this phenomenon???