I just started taking 4mg Zanaflex last night. I haven't been able to sleep since and I think it actually INCREASED my muscle spasms. I'm very upset about this.

I've seen that "increased muscle spasms" and "insomnia" can be a side effect, but I have yet to come across anyone post any kind of experience like that with this stuff. Why would zanaflex react so differently with me? What is wrong with me!!!

This stuff was no different/better then flexeril. In fact, just as with flexeril, zanaflex gave me insomnia and worse than flexeril, zanaflex increased my muscle spasms. :(

I just want to stop the muscle jerks. I want to sleep at night like a man does, meaning I want to be able to say it's bedtime, close my eyes, turn off my brain, shut down my body, and within 10 minutes be snoring loud.

I am so sick of everything being so difficult for me. I'm afraid to take this stuff again but da#%it!, I just wanted so badly for this stuff to help as nothing else Ive tried has helped me yet. This seems to be just another waste of money.