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Any info for generic somas 350m by Salzarex? I believe it's available through online pharmacies?

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mfpdfibro 1 Feb 2011

I have heard of generic Soma's called Carisoprodol. I have been on Soma's for over a year now. I have kept every bottle because I need to blacken out my names on all the prescriptions before I throw them out due to being cautious of anyone knowing what medications I am on. Neighbors in the trash is what I am talking about, not my family because they all know. Anyway, I found 8 empty bottles and all of them said the manufacturer was Qualitest not Salzarex. I do know that I have received two different kinds of Generic Soma's off and on over the past year. Some say DAN and have a few #'s on the back and the others have a V on one side and other #'s on the back. I have also noticed that this medication seems to be unpredictable as far as working very well sometimes or not working hardly at all other times. They seem to be inconsistent regardless of which ones I get. What specifically are you trying to find out? Maybe I could help you if I knew more about what and why you are looking for the manufacturer Salzarex.

goldenunicornpa 1 Feb 2011

It sounds like this medication may have pills that the industry has dubbed "gray market pharmaceuticals". They are usually encountered when the meds are ordered on line. However there are some documented cases where those gray market pills have found their way into neighborhood pharmacies but more likely found sometimes in mail order pharmacies. A gray market pill/tablet or medication can have one or more of the following issues: 1) It could be expired. 2) It could have been manufactured out of this country where quality control is not as stringent as it is here.3)May not have the amount of medicinal compound as the label claims. This next one is my personal opinion from years of being on various medications.4) Instead of the brand name medicine being dispensed, the generic brand was substituted. free discount card

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