I am a sufferer of PTSD for 22 years, have been on long-term medications, including Ativan*, Luvox*, Dekapoke*, Respideral*, Zoloft*, Prozac*, only Ativan * seems working fine; and on long time psychotherapy, which does produce some noticeable good results; and I went thru some sessions of hypnotherapies, but no good results noted; and some sessions of EMDR, but no positive results either; I attempted to learn Reiki, but failed, it is way too complex to learn it; ...
So is there any cure for my PTSD ? Or please share with me your experience in combatting your PTSD symptoms ? ? My phobia is the tongue-sucking sounds, some ex classmates used to scare me with this sounds whenever they found my right index finger shaking in notes-takings, so I will get very nervous at this sound; and now I have stopped giving anyone else any ride ( except for my wife and daughter) in case of another relapse of the sounds when I am behind the wheels, so among all of us, anyone can give me any good suggestion in terms of the managements of the sounds ? ? Does your phobia or PTSD cause you any avoidance of daily events or activities ? If so, what do you do to manage your life ? ?
And do I have to seek revenge on those victimizers now ? ?
Thanks for your attention and answering. May God bless all of us !