I have Piriformis Syndrome and Crohn's Disease. I've been on Neurontin 1200mg Daily and Norco 10/325mg 6 per day for the last 4 months. Ever since I started on the Norco it has never been enough. But I have had long history of going to doctors and having them dismiss my pain as being either all in my head or they just outright label me as a drug-seeker. I finally after about 16 years of constant pain that has only gotten worse with time found a Doctor that diagnosed the problem and has been really good about helping with the pain. But, after all the years of being dismiss or mislabeled I have developed an intense amount of fear and anxiety over approaching my Doctor about the fact that the meds that have been taking aren't really helping. My doctor has tried to get me referred to a pain clinic, but my insurance doesn't cover anything close to me and about 2 months ago I had my car stolen and I couldn't even drive to an appointment with a pain doc. Since I started on my meds I haven't been able to take any less than 4 Norcos in one dose to notice any relief at all. I have dealt with this pain since I was 14 and in many ways I have gotten use to it so I am not in anyway expecting total relief. I would be happy it my pain was at 5 on a scale of 10 and I can't seem to achieve even that at a normal dose of Norco. I have been to the ER several times over the years, so I have had experience with different pain meds. I never saw any relief with Oxycodone, they only seemed to make me feel high, but didn't help with the pain much. I've only seen real improvement with morphine or dilaudid. But even those don't help much unless I take a dose that's higher than "normal". It usually takes around 8mg or so of Dilaudid or 90mg of morphine. I am just at a complete loss as to how I approach my Doc about this without him defaulting to the same BS opinion that other doctors have had before. If I had my way I wouldn't be on any medication at all, but as it stands right now I have to be on something to give me some sort of quality of life, but what I'm taking isn't helping. So, if anyone has any clue as to how I can approach this with my doctor I would greatly appreciate it.