My mother-in-law just had a stroke and the doctor is perscribed her 6 medicines; Coumadin 2MG 5 a day(blood thinner), Amox TR-K CLV 500-125(Antibiotic, and I have no idea what the random letters and numbers mean 3 a day), glyBURIDE 6MG 1 a day(for diabetes), metFORMIN 1,000MG 2 a day(for diabetes), Amlodipine Besylate 10MG 2 a day(blood pressure), Lisinopril 10MG 1 a day(blood pressure). She is having a whole lot of difficulty with the Coumadin mainly. The others just cause her discomfort and irritation having to take so many pills. She has been through a whole lot. She had several instances with cancer(breast and twice with colon). She has not been taking the Coumadin because it makes her feel bad. I remember when she was feeling it's effects and it looked like she was high with anxiety. She was sweating a lot and shortness of breathe. I found several sites online and they say there are no severe side effects of Coumadin but she says it is so bad that she has stopped taking it, which makes me think twice because they prescribed it 5 times a day. It is so many pills and she does not have anybody but her daughter, son, and me.