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What can I take for anxity/panic attacks that will NOT show up on a drug test?

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Inactive 16 Feb 2012

Hello. Most any drug, will show up in a drug test. It really depends on what the drug screeners are looking for. A perscription, that is yours to be taking, should suffice. I believe that there is a federal law that mandates that a person may not be descriminated against for taking a perscription drug(s). Best of wishes,pledge

sammantha_p87 16 Feb 2012

thank u , i was researching buspar i know its non narcotic and ok to take when pregnant. do u know ne thing about this drug and if it would show up on a drug test??? im not able to c the doctor untill march and i cant take the anxiety attacks.

Inactive 16 Feb 2012

It works fairly well to help against anxiety. I'd not take any drug unless prescribed by your doctor. Theres your personal medical history and a doctor really needs to know that. A person can have medical issues, and taking a drug, have a bad/severe reaction, often with alarming results. Go to any doctor and the barrage of questions about your medical history is first asked before any perscription is ever written out. I'm sorry you're having anxiety issues, you best see your doctor,pledge free discount card

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