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Can anxiety or zoloft cause your tongue to be sore along the sides?

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DzooBaby 8 Aug 2013

Are you, perhaps, "chewing" your tongue when you are anxious?

endlessPred 8 Aug 2013

Actually, vitamin deficiency is often the culprit. Be sure you take a complete vitamin tablet daily. Add folic acid supplements daily as well. You may find one extra folic acid with the vitamin will improve your tongue in three days or so. If not, add up to three more, but slowly, every four days add one. Your body depletes the vitamins faster because anxiety makes it work harder. Increase fruits and vegetables as well.

The second thing is to see a doctor in case you have developed thrush. This yeast is common with people who feel stress a lot or whose immune system is compromised. Even a cold can cause this effect. If the middle of your tongue has white areas and normal color on the edge it may well be thrush. Or a coated tongue, which means it needs to be brushed or scraped at least twice a day when you brush your teeth.

I seriously doubt you are biting your tongue. It would be very painful and you would know it. We all do it from time to time, right? Teeth slide and we chew down. The tongue bleeds a lot.

DzooBaby 8 Aug 2013

It is possible that it is a vitamin deficiency, that is a good point, and so is thrush. But I'm not talking about biting the tongue, I'm talking about "chewing" on the tongue. People often do this as a "nervous habit" and may not even realize that they do it. They dont bite down hard enough to make it bleed but it can make the tongue sore. It is the same kind of thing as when someone "chews" the inside of their lip or cheek as a nervous gesture. It is not hard enough so it bleeds but it can cause soreness to different degrees depending on how hard and how long they do the chewing. It is usually just fast little bites or nibbles in response to nerves. We have all seen people who chew their cheeks or inside lower lip when they are nervous or concentrating. Some people do this to each side of the tongue. I know because I have a tendency to do it myself and I'm not always aware that I do it until I find that it is sore the next day.

endlessPred 9 Aug 2013

True. Either way, I hope our writer finds solutions. free discount card

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