I would greatly appreciate responses from individuals that can provide factual answers to my questions. Please don't reply with personal opinions that will cause me to worry more about my situation. Does anxiety (side effect) from Zoloft (sertraline) feel like anxiety from a cup of coffee, or does it feel like anxiety from an actual situation you're experiencing? Here's my story: About every three years or so I experience what I call an "episode" where anxiety comes over me very quickly and I focus and worry about an issue that normally wouldn't bother me. It takes over my mind so that it's all I can think about for weeks. This leads to instant insomnia and loss of appetite. I have been diagnosed with OCD. I describe this as "OCD of my thoughts", NOT physical actions like checking locks, straightening up, etc. I have been taking Zoloft (sertraline) for the past 19 years. Most of these 19 years I have been taking 100mg. This drug has worked well for me with little side effects. Two years ago I reduced to 50mg. Then recently I stopped taking it completely. This lasted for about 7 weeks and then I had a change at work which caused anxiety to hit me like a ton of bricks. So I started taking 100mg for 4 days and then increased to 150mg quickly because I was so scared. I have been taking this along with Xanax for the past 5 weeks. The difference between this episode and past episodes is that I constantly feel an increased heart rate and shakiness for no real reason, and feel like I need to take Xanax to just calm down. I can't relax and go about my day normally. I have read that taking Zoloft can actually cause anxiety. My doctor says that anxiety from medication "feels different" from anxiety caused by an actual situation. He also is OK with me increasing my dosage to 200mg, but I am fearful that will cause more anxiety. I am wondering if I actually need to reduce my dosage to 100mg, but that is a scary thought as well.