Hello.. I have always had anxiety but I never had panic attacks until 3 months ago.. And I have had them every day since sometimes up to 5 a day and anxiety attacks 24/7 I wake up with it and go to sleep with it.. It last all day and all night.

It has gone to the point to where I can't walk 2 feet with out the palpitations kicking in and the feeling of not being able to breath .. I've always been such a active person I'm always on the go and now I can't even do a simple load of cclothes ..
I have gone to the hospital 9 times thinking I'm having a heart attack . they can't find anything wrong with me besides anxiety ... My heart rate goes up to over 200 beats per min.. I try to calm down and do breathing techniques but still does not go away

I have pain and numbness through out my whole body for no reason for weeks on end and it does not go away I'll just sit there and the anxiety hits me I understand anxiety can last all day every day but how can this just happen out of nowhere and don't stop I don't know what more to do I've always been able to control it and now I can't ...