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Anxiety - what strong pill is good to help stop panic attacks and will not harm the liver?

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Inactive 28 Apr 2010

Benzodiazepines are typically whats used to stop panic attacks, and ive never heard of any liver problems arising from using them.

jblt83 28 Apr 2010

Xanax and Klonopin are the two most commonly prescribed for panic disorder and are in the class of bezodiazepines. They are suppose to be fast acting when taken to help with the anxiety which for some people can turn into panic disorder. If you loom up drugs by condition on this site, you will see that both of these are listed and have a decent number of reviews and good ratings. I take Klonopin. One downside though is that the body can adapt to these class of meds over time and they become ineffective requiring a dosage increase or change in medication. Best thing of course always is to talk to your doctor or see a specialist like a psychiatrist.

fall queen 28 Apr 2010

I take Klonipin myself, there are a wide array of anti anxiety meds out there most don't have a buffer so no needsto worry about your liver.

christineATU 28 Apr 2010

Although it doesn't last that long, valium has worked well for me. free discount card

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