Hi! For over 10 year's I've taken prescribed sleeping meds. I also have anxiety and more recently? (within the last 1.5 years) was prescribed colonpan/alprazolam/Lamictal. My question is I haven't slept in 5 days. I started seeing a better doctor. We both agreed to get off this stuff. I've had pretty bad withdrawal feelings coupled with not sleeping (which, I'm sure is part of the withdrawal) Once my body starts to fall asleep, my heart races, sinking feeling. It's horrible, but I need to rest. When will I start feeling better? I have a few aprazolam to help the anxiety. But I haven't anything for 5 or 6 days. Will I be completly throwing away everything I've been going through? I used to take 3 colonpin, 1 lomictal, 1 ambien and if i didnt have colonopin on hand, i used alprazolan. Thank You!