Hello all, Earlier this year i was diagnosed with anxiety, and up until I had never realized it existed. All of a sudden I started having trouble making decisions when it came to literally everything. Everything made me completely overwhelmed to the point that I just would get frustrated and not do it. I couldn't go pick up items from the grocery store without the confusion of which kind, brand, count etc to get. Everything in life I'm indecisive about. I always feel like I'm going to be late to work, or appointments , meetings with friends..so I arrive about an hour or more earlier to everything. I hate being alone, to the point that I circle my apartment checking behind doors, re checking my locks, jumping at every noise and sleeping with lights on. I've never been robbed, no recent deaths in the family or anything that I can think of that could've brought this on. I feel like I'm constantly worrying my mother, friends and my girlfriend to babysit me..because I need someone around all of the time. My Dr. put me on Citolapram and trazodone which made me have severe suicidal thoughts..so he prescribed me cymbalta. I started on 30mg, then 60mg..but still there's days that I'm just terrible. I spend my entire day re checking locks, listening for any sounds, thinking something bad is going to happen all day every day. It's very tiring , and it really sucks not knowing what brought this on. Any recommendations? Please keep rude comments to yourself, I deal with enough frustration as it is.