... for about three years now off and on, but they became more severe back in September. Are there any ladies who have been having body aches, tingling in their breasts like they can't feel anything? Also, when I try to massage the muscles in my chest I have these bad muscles spasms. Everyday I'm constantly worrying if there is something wrong with me, but every time I go see a doctor I check out just fine. Sometimes it feels like my mind is off, like i'm just spaced out. I can't concentrate like how I use to. Like its not programmed right. Does anybody have any tips on getting back focused and to stop thinking horribly?I get so nervous that my whole body tenses up from being anxious. Pain runs through my arm, tingling in my feet and fingers, and sharp neck pains and its like I can stop if from happening. Can somebody please give me some advice and tell me I'm not running myself nuts??