... and being off on a Sunday for the first time in a WHILE. On vacation all this week. This is no way to live. I am experiencing major things like numbness in the left side of my face from under my eye to right above my jaw line. It goes away after about 5 minutes. Nothing BAD like that since then. Under my right eye was a little numb yesterday. Again nothing bad. Went away after 2 mintues. Is God trying to tell me something? Maybe it is heat stroke. A mini stroke. I don't know. What really has me concerned is the BIG numbess in the face from Sunday! I got SO, SO dizzy that day ( anxiety) that I almost went to the ER. This morning and last night, I thought, I literally wanted to die because of peeing so much. I went to the psych Saturday and I was 100% fine when I went. This all started Sunday. Like I said, I was off for the first time on a Sunday in I don't KNOW how long! I beleive the anxiety was from that. Not knowing what to do with myself. Eventaully, everything passes, but going thru this and having experienced it all week has been a total nightmare. The guy I used to date for 11 years is moving to Canada at the end of July, so I think that is bothering me a little. I don't know. But I can't be peeing ALOT when I go to back to work (ewwwww) next week. It may be beucase all of the water I drank yesterday. I thought of that. But I don't know today what is causing this