I'm concerned about my son's father he was in a car accident he's in the VA hopsital been there for more a month now. He broke both of his legs he has a scent in one--- I think that is how it goes. I haven't yet to see him. He is my ex ever since 2000, I've been married for ten years he's been married about two years. He was in Iraq the first year, (2002) for a year.

I have been thinking about him I feel so bad for him because he's not going to be able to walk. He has the pictures of the car he has it on the FaceBook website. My son said that if he wore his seatbelt on it would have killed him. It's like Catch 20-20. The thing is should I go sea him? I feel like I should I mean afterall I was once in love with him. My husband made a comment on his webside nothing bad. We know we had our differences but we are sorry to hear about the accicent.

What caused the accident was, he fell asleep behind the wheel. He drove 53 minutes it took him 35 miles. It seems like it would take him more than 35 miles? I guess that is right I used mapquest for driving directions. It's no wonder plus he was getting about 3 hours of sleep. (It's a long story about the custody ordeal.)

Well anyway. In the pictures he seems to be in good spirits at least in the sayings in the pics. My husband said that it good be worse... my son would have been in the car--- yes very true it could be a tragic! I'll talk to my husband to see if he's comfortable about seeing my ex? I'm not sure how he would react I'm pretty sure he mean's ok, on the token if anything would happen to his ex wife I'd be alright seeing her, because they have been divorced for about 20 years, plus she is married.

I can't help it, what do you expect I have soft heart I'm very emotional. Sometimes niave (sp?) Thank you for reading.