I took a promotion at work about 8 months ago and at first stressed me out until i was able to handle it. Last week, I took another promotion which has now left me completely drained, mean, depressed and completely dreading going to work. The main issue is that I keep snapping at people and sounding angry all the time even when I have no intentions of it coming off that way. I rarely get enough sleep, usually home at 11 or 12 pm and waking up at 7am. As a teen and in my early twenties, i was always hot headed and mad at everyone and the world. Back then, they put me on seroquel, cymbalta, depakote er and valium. In the end, the cymbalta made me sick, seroquel made me sleepy all the time, i dont even know if the depakote did anything and the valium was the only thing that reacted quickly to calm me down. Back then my parents were able to pay my doctor visits. I do have insurance, but it does not cover "mental disorders." Is there a doctor that you can go to that deals with mental issues without being labeled as a such?