This severe anxiety, mood swings, insomnia and the other host of crap I have been dealing with lately? And the docs just wanna dump me on an antidepressant ... I'm really not depressed but very very moody ... I had a partial hysterectomy 10 years ago ... I was 36 ... had to due to severe menstrual problems (sorry guys if it's to much info ... lol) they did leave one functioning ovary but now I'm wondering if the ovary has stopped doing it's job thus the influx of problems? I do see the doc this week and will ask for some hormone blood work to be done ... we got back from Indiana on Saturday .. wasn't supposed to come home until today (from a dog show) but I was just burned out and bored ... and hubby and I are to leave Sunday the 9th for TN for 5 days for our vaca ... and I just don't wanna go emotionally ... what do I do about all this stuff? :(