I would love to hear the pros and cons of the different anti-depressants and anti-anxiety drugs ... I know this probably a huge broad spectrum question ... I'm mainly trying to figure out what I should ask my doctor for me to try. The doc was pushing Zoloft and I resisted since I took it in the past and gained weight and had no libido ... they (the primary and sleep doc) keep telling me that I need something for the stress issues in my life and that would help with the sleep issues ... I'm just not sure which med to even try at this point. The only thing the sleep doc gave me after today's follow up from my sleep study was Restoril or Serax ... basically just something to knock me out but doesn't really treat my symptoms they found on the sleep study, which now she says indicated periodic limb movement and not RLS ... I told her I know I have an awful time settling down to sleep and change positions constantly until the Restoril or Serax kicks in ... and she said that's not really RLS which I understand, but then what am I to take to help me sleep better and get the anxiety/stress a little better controlled without becoming a zombie? I thought about taking a b-complex for stress and some Sam-E ... thoughts?