... to be taken with my dose of Cymbalta. (haven't started it yet) I suffer from horrible anxiety attacks and depression and have for years. It seems to have gotten worse since I hit 40. I can barely function lately and have even been missing alot of work because of it (I'm a RN that works on multiple med/surg floors as a resource nurse) I'm very sensitive to any new meds and am very nervous about trying the Lamictal. (She also took me off the low dose of xanax I was on for yrs a few months ago, as I was using it to sleep and she was concerned about that, only took it maybe 3-4 times a week, .25 mg) ?? Anyone have any luck with this med for their depression/anxiety? Thanks for listening... I'm desperate to feel better and have somewhat of a normal life... :( So tired of feeling this way... No one seems to understand how bad it can get... :(