... is out of control. Getting more anxious about the doctor introducing paxil while I am still on 75mg of effexor xr she prescribed paxil er 12.5 to be added for a month. Talked to the Pharmacist like I always do on what he thinks, and he believes that it should not be the ER form of paxil to start this tapering. So of course I have upset my new Doctor I believe in not having trust in her. So she said take which one that I may be comfortable on.My concern is that of which one will be introduced slower in my body so less chance of problems, or of it clearing out of my system quicker. Just wish I had more money so I could had spent more time with the Doctor, but 15 min. If anyone could help advice me, or has been threw this it would be greatly appreciated. I have to get back to work, and out of this nightmare. Guess i should not had been on the hole morning googling. Thank you for any help. I am also on Xanax that she is cutting down, and that itself is scary