I have a disability I had a stroke 24 years ago I have that paralysis on my right side of my body no use of my right hand - I type with my left hand (excuse me for the typos lol.) I'm easy on the workers (that is what I call them) I have a list of things I need them to do, then when they are done I just put up with it these workers. I signed in this low-income organization I was eligible for the assistantce. With this company I get a different worker every week I'm not kidding either.

I have a harexpressing my feelings toward others but when I do "watch out" I blow up at the wrong person. I know it's just hard for me. I mean really what can a person do like myself do -the stroke did more that the paralysis on my thinking and decision-making to name a few.

My husband normally does the talking for me and makes it easy for me sinceI have a hard time expressing my feelings... at times. It doesn't help it when there are other stressors. I just need the encouragement a push literally.

I have health problems I have to deal with the chronic pain sciatica and fibromyalgia the anxiety and bipolar disorders. I'm desparte for advice.

Thank you for reading.