... hospitalizations in late 90's for suicidal ideation. Was great on klonopin three times a day till all my medical doctors insisted I get off it. Weaned off and managed for some years (don't know how I did it) until a year ago had a massive anxiety attack that klonopin didn't help, had suicidal ideation & ended babk in hsp. I'm now on celexa, cymbalta and was to take klonopin prn. Had another bad anxiety 2weeks ago & my neuro happened to see me that day... said I needed xanax not klonopin, gave me a pres & told me to call my psychiatrist in a.m. Psych agreed and I take 2.5 prn. So after all that here comes my question... I think I'm developing agoraphophia but need some help with it. We're down to 1 car so I don't get out too much. I find whn I go out with my husband to run errands, all I think about is wanting to get home and the urge increases. Sometimes I just tell him I'm done and take me home. Today after running errands he suggested we stop for a sandwich... I just craved to go home! All the while we ate I was uncomfortable and wanted to leave. Finally when we got home I had chills? & was shaking, stomach feeling funning and all I wanted to do was curl up in bed tight in a ball in a fetal position. Had a funny feeling this was anxiety... not my usual... but something so I took a xanax and went to bed. Within 20 min I started "ubfolding" and my symptoms were going away and I feel fine now. While doing some research I found this site and this support group... sorry for such a long post but I've never "talked" to anyone other than my therapist or psych who got it plus I'm trying to figure out what just happened with me... input and thoughts so much appreciated