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Anxiety and Stress - I'm on 20mg of duloxetine how long till I see some changes?

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janiebme 29 Jun 2017

Hi Cazzie-
It can take 4-6 weeks to reach a therapeutic level.
You may feel something sooner.
Hope you have good results with it soon.

chuck1957 30 Jun 2017

Yes, Cazzie Janie is right as far as getting to the full blood level it does also help to try and take the medication about the same time each day. And just so you know it is normal when you first start this medication for the first 7 to 14 days the symptoms you are being treated for can even get worse for that short period. Then really anytime after that period, you can start to feel some benefits after 2 weeks to 4 weeks many say that they feel quite a bit better because that increase in the stress or anxiety you get when you first start the Prozac well lighten up soon after your on this. ALONG with any other side effects, you might get, But if you do get anything that is just too much call your doctor right away. But if this is going to be the medication to help you it's a lot like most in these class you have to be patient and see how it does. Try to stick with it and normally from the 4 week time it's not quite as bad and by the 6 weeks you should not feel much but hopefully results in your favor I meant 6 to 8 weeks. Keep your fingers crossed this is all normal and IT IS too bad the doctors don't explain more to us. Remember too when you pick up your prescription you can ask the Pharmacist what to expect. And also were always here trying to let people know in better terms than the papers that come with the prescription after reading those you would not want to take anything. LOL feel free to come in anytime and ask as you can see we have a bunch of great people here that just don't want people to fear or at least share how they worked for us. Have a great day. Chuck1957 free discount card

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