Hi, I am a 22 year old boy who has been taking Escitalopram for one year. I have now decided to get of them (slowly, probably with a 25% reduction over 4 months), but feel in some way inclinated to try another SSRI for a month or two before i start my tapering period. The reason is that I would prefer one withdrawal period instead of two. If i taper down straight away and find out it isnt working, some doctor would probably tell me "well, did you try any other antidepressants? Everyone is different, so maybe you were unlucky the first time". Then I would have to go up again, and if that doesn't work, wean of that drug as well.

Therefore, i find it tempting to check out some other alternatives while i am already on this dosage. I guess my expectation is to try another SSRI, find out it is not for me, and then wean of slowly and check antidepressants off the list, like "Nope, wasnt my cup of tea. My life is better without medications"

Any thoughts on this? Is it silly of me to consider to try another SSRI when I have decided to wean off anyway? In my head, it does make sense, considering how dreadful withdrawal is from these medications (or so I have read)