I have been taking Gabapentin 300mg 3 times a day for about 3 weeks until I had an epidural injection on Monday for slipped disc and sciatic pain. Yes, Gabapentin was prescribed for the nerve pain.

Unfortunately without knowing of possible withdraw effect (doctor did not bother tell me) I have felt a bit lost and spaced out for the past few days with some anxiety also. I have also felt much stressed after the epidural injection procedure although not painful but all together I felt I had a bit of mental breakdown as I have been in pain since early august.
Went to GP on Wednesday and I explained him everything and Doctor prescribed me with Duloxetine 60mg (1 at night)+ and a 14 days course of Diazepam (5mg 1 at night) which I took only once before going to bed for the first night where I woke up at 4am with almost an anxiety attack and light vision symptoms feeling almost drugged by hallucinogens.
I called the doctor yesterday and with a very typical brief discussion he said stop taking Duloxetine and I asked if I could have taken Diazepam as I know it makes me feel calm and he approved but he cut the call very brief without answering me whether I should have taken any action for the Gabapentin withdraw effect and whether I should be careful when stopping taking Diazepam.
I still feel a bit shaken, unfocused and like been in a drug abuse aftermath.
After doing a bit of research on these drugs I know that my symptoms are expected but I still have been left with unanswered question as:
1. Should I still do something about the Gabapentin withdraw effect?
2. Am I still feeling like this because of the withdraw effect or was that single 60mg of Duloxetine that has screwed with my brain? (I have to say that up until I took the Duloxetine it wasn’t that bad)
3. Shell I continue to take this Diazepam or shell I think about stopping this early? And when I stop how do I do this?

Thanks in advance.