I am not too sure how to start talking about this because it's not me I'm looking to help, My girlfriend (sorta), Is struggling with Anxiety, she can't go too far away from the house because she has panic attacks when she does and she has to turn around and go back home, recently we had a small fight and had over the top emotions from it, ones even she knows were overreacting, and what ended up happening is we broke up or took a break i think is more accurate shes so panicked about what happened she feels like a burden and wants me to find someone else, and that is not something I am looking to do. instead my "mission" i guess is to stay her friend and try and help her through what shes dealing with. Shes said she wants to be with me and i love the girl so much. she just feels like she needs to deal with the anxiety on her own and part of me thinks shes wrong that she needs help with it but i dont really know what to do. She told me she feels like it will never go away it started about 5 years ago, she has incredible anxiety about everything. she was in a store one day and had a panic attack and ever since shes been afraid it will happen again, and its started to seep past the mall experience into everything. shes tried to get help but shes unable to get out of the house to go to the appointments and what not so. Norway doesn't seem to have options I can find to help her. so i guess my question is does anyone have an ideas, about what might be triggering the anxiety or things i can do to help, even some kinda program or something that would help because I am out of ideas