This past year something changed with me and I don't know why or what happened.
I get anxious all the time now, and it's ruining my relationship with my boyfriend. My boyfriend came home last night for college break, I hadn't seen him in months and I'm enjoying my time with him when I get another irrational thought that says "what if I don't love him"?
I've dated my boyfriend for 2.5 years and I know that I love him, I love him so so much. But I keep getting these irrational thoughts that make my stomach drop and make me shake. I don't know what to do and I don't have access to a therapist. My mom says I should get a prescription but I honestly feel crazy, this is not like me.
My family has no history of mental disorders, and I've always grown up wanting to get married, have kids, and be happy. And these past few months it's like the tables have turned and I have no idea what caused it.
I was just hoping someone understands what I'm going through and has advice.
Thank you