... Hey, I'm 25, been about a year on Lexapro for anxiety after some really hard times (which included depersonalisation anxiety attacks and all that fun stuff), feeling really good lately, I was also prescribed alprazolam to use as needed. I haven't used the latter in (approximately) a month (or maybe more), just really don't feel the need anymore, which is great!

Now for the bad part: on Saturday I got into a fight (i know, stupid as hell, not really my fault, some drunks friends and some really crazy guy, just could stand and look how he threatened my friends) the thing is i tried to stop the prick in question, had him locked and in close range (i did not want to hurt him or encourage more violence) so the guy headbutted me twice (again we were close, however, it hurt). I did not black out or anything, in fact i went along as nothing happened. Fast forward Sunday, really minor swelling, some pain the area (forehead above the points where the eyebrow starts above the eye). I don't think is anything to worry about, but...
I'm at work know, and being a guy who is really aware of it's physical changes and reactions, I'm starting to have anxiety and worry thoughts about i don't know, internal damage, a stroke, i don't know.

Again, the swelling is minor, there is no bruise (only one girl noticed and she nits right next to me) just a slight red points where i was hit. Pain, only if i touch or massage the area. No other symptoms have showed (apart from the ones i think I'm starting to make up)

I kind of hate myself because I doing so well despite dreadful and heartbreaking moments (robbery, break-up, etc) and now this has my anxiety spiking again. I did not go to the emergency room cause i really think is nothing but a hard blow and it's been two days where nothing (except my anxiety) has surfaced.

Any thoughts? again I know it was my fault, but i was just trying to break the fight up