... hip hop dance. However, since 2010 or so, I haven't been able to do much of this. I've been on Cymbalta 60mg since December 2013, and it's helped my energy, anxiety, and depression (it took a while before the depression lifted). I still have issues with anxiety, and find that I still can't perform, no matter how much I get myself to. It doesn't come naturally anymore. I tried going up to 90mg but that made me more depressed and anxious, so I'm okay at 60mg. My psychiatrist added BuSpar, and I'm hoping the lowered anxiety will allow me to perform again. Is anyone on here a performer/musician/actor/actress/comedian? What have you found to help you? I'm just curious, because among the set of depressed people, there's an even smaller subset of performers I need to target haha. I know adding Wellbutrin would just lift depression more, but not really touch anxiety, and Abilify would possibly affect the anxiety, but I'm not sure if Abilify would be a better choice than BuSpar for anxiety. Thanks for the help

P.S. Benzos are weird for me; they lower my anxiety but cause depression. So... can't take those. Also I'm diagnosed with OCD, GAD, and MDD.