twenty-six years on Alprazolam and after going without a day seem to have tremors, unable to walk normal, parkinson like symptoms I am guessing. Mentally substantially changed when not on Alprazolam; very weak and vulnerable, but more likely to see things visually I otherwise miss. Not sure it helps as it was supposed to; but now withdrawal may result in extreme mental and physical problems. Looked for a better alternative, but family doctor almost killed me by putting me on an anti-depressant (I think effexor). MDs generally say, just to stay the course, probably on until I die. family history of glaucoma, and possible hyperactivity (although generally not a liability). Any better alternatives I should consider?
More recently since April of 2009, significant centralized heart pain or pressure on chest. No radial pain down limbs, but centralized heart pain. I had an ulcer and stomach problems for years, so know the difference; thus don't believe that is it. Doctor said if not treated, might have a heart attack, although have not taken any tests. (little insurance and scared of doctors that like to do surgery on me every time I go in!). Can't hardly walk at times, but not the result of heart pain which is localized at the heart in the chest. Have it while resting. Read doctors find great difficulty in isolating the reason for chest pain, even after doing substantial tests, unless perhaps an angiogram (camera up into the heart and arteries).
Please help.