So ii know there is alot of people that suffer from this disorder.
Im a 36 old male that as long as i Remember I've been involved with the anxiety my fear is being somewhere with no one i know that can support me when i have an attack . so the past 6months I've been going down hill really fast i used to manage the panic but now im at the end of the road i don't know where to go. I do have a Landscaping company witch i love to do,but about six months ago i needed to make a delivery that was approximate 25 miles away from my shop i was a bit worried when i left but no big deal . Half way in to the road i felt it creeping in me at a point that i freaked out i call my wife for support (thank god for her shes my angel) well i made it to delivery site,but once there i was so nervous to get back on the road. Well i got back and made a fool out of my self thinking that was so stupid of me. Long story short from that day i had a few more episodes like that . Today i cant even go to my shop from my house thats only 5 miles away but if its with my wife ill go anywhere. I try to go and face my daily obbligation but im getting worst every day. I cant get out of my house anymore and I cant do that because i have three beautiful kids a wife and a businesses i cant afford to loose because i put my heart and soul to get to this point.i was at my gp and gave me elavil 50mg to sleep but it made things worst i slept for 2days with hallucinations and more panic. He also gave me 0.25xanax that i cant take cause it freeks me out how people can get with this medicine. Im confused im shaking and i freak out every time Im about to fall asleep.
Please anyone help.