I've been suffering from anxiety real bad for last two months. This is not common for me but I sure do need something to help me get through this. My story is I did Chemo Therapy and it's just as harsh coming out as putting it into your body. I'm going through a healing crisis, withdraws, detox from that poison. It's more like uncontrolled tremors. My insides feel like they are jumping around with heart racing. This is due from withdrawing Chemo. My doctor would not give me Valium or Xanax but yet puts me on Antidepressants. It's not helping with my shakes. I'm not depressed, just shaking real bad. Sometimes I feel like I'm having a panic attack for no apparent reason but that's my body going through withdraws. Any medicine that can help me temporary, get me through this until my body finally rids that poisin. Appreciate any feedback or response. Thank you.