I was wondering I have both zoloft and buspar and I already take valium which one is better? My thing is when I go anywhere I get this pain on the right side of my head from the anxiety and it makes me very anxious when I'm about doing something. To me this is not normal. I do have a pineal cyst, meiners in my right ear and a nodule on the left side of my neck and on my vocal cords. I need something so I can function but not make me feel all drugged up. The valium makes me tired after I take my 2nd dose in the evening. I take 7.5mg twice daily and it doesn't touch my anxiety. So I was wondering which med to add to it to stop this anxiety so I can live a somewhat normal life. Zoloft gave me a headache for a week but was only on it for 9 days. Buspar made me feel kinda spacey but only took it two days. Any suggestions please I feel like I'm going crazy and I have depression over all this too.