... of antidepressants for ten years, but stopped taking his in January after his psychiatrist okayed it. She then put him on Risperdone for agitation... I believe that was the beginning of a downward spiral for him. In August he started having extreme panic attacks. He would would have anywhere between 1-7 panic episodes a day. His doctor prescribed him lorazepam and benadryl to calm him then switched him from Risperidone to Carbamazepine. He now has restless legs. Im sure its from the Risperidone or Carbamazepine. The restless legs causes him more pani attacks. My husband has gone from a strong, opinionated, intelligent manly guy to a completely different person in a matter of weeks. He has a fear of everything, including eating because he is afraid to get nausea and throw up. He gets anxious to go anywhere or do anything or to see people. His doctor agreed to put him on an antidepressant... she started him on generic cymbalta 30mg on September 1st and has now uped it to 60mg. Is anyone out there familiar with this? I have taken a leave of absence from work to guide him through his medications and take care of him. He is no longer on Risperidone or carbamazepine, but on the generic cymbalta. Is there a light at the end of this tunnel? I just want my husband to feel stable and safe again. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.