Greetings everyone... so here is my situation. For the last couple of years, I've experienced what I can best describe as "chest discomfort". Recently, during the last couple of months, I've had these episodes where I literally am scared that I'm about to have a heart attack. It's like I'm fine one second, then I start thinking about my heart and why it's feeling stressed, and it sends me into a panic attack, or an induced state of panic where I literally just have to get up and leave the situation, whether it be walk outside, or leave an area where it is causing me to freak out. I've experienced some confusion, but it always seems like I can keep it in check enough where it doesn't seem to others like I'm bothered... just maybe tired, or kind spaced-out... which during meetings, and other events I go to at work, doesn't exactly raise a red flag to anyone but myself. The weird thing is this: I'm an occasional drinker, and everytime I have a glass of wine, or a beer or drink, I immediately have these windows of time where I feel like my old self. It's like it helps me to forget about my anxiety, and even when I think about my heart beats, or the chest discomfort, I'm able to brush it off and nothing comes about. However, If I drink too much, or I'm hungover, then the symptoms are 10x worse then on any usual. I at first thought I have some blood flow problems, but this idea of being able to feel perfectly fine after a drink is starting to make me think I have big anxiety issues, and maybe that when something little starts to happen, or I feel anything, I take it to the extreme level. This has been happening lately driving home from work, and it scares the crap out of me because I start thinking like "wow, what if I crash cause I pass out... or what if this gets worse", and eventually I can talk myself out of it long enough to get home. And usually, once I'm at home, I'm fine again. The symptoms seem to happen to me at random... leading me to believe it's panic/anxiety when any little thing happens because I know I've had this annoyance in my chest for a couple of years and haven't done anything about it, hoping that it will just go away. I have an appointment with my Doc finally, and I'm going to explain every thing to him, but my question to y'all... has anybody experienced this? I mean, I'm 6'0, 194 pounds, in good shape, work out a couple times a week and eat fairly healty, and it just seems like this is out of the blue. I've been told that something like Xanax, or another benzo might be a good stepping stone but I certainly don't want to take something that I will become dependant on... on the other hand, I'm ready to take anything that anyone advises me to take because this is really starting to affect my life