Went to my OBGYN with concerns about severe anxiety, mood swings, bloating, etc. a week before and during period. I have a prescription for Ativan taken as needed but I felt I was taking it too often and wanted other options.

He prescribed me Sarafem hastily with very little detail discussed. Googled it and found out it's basically Prozac. He prescribed me 20/mg every day. I have been obsessively googling (thanks anxiety!!! ) and see some girls take 10mg only 14 days before period and it works great. I'd like to do this as I don't want to take 20mg every day. I will discuss this with him.

However, he prescribed this 2 weeks ago and I hadn't picked it up at the pharmacy until today because I thought it was Prozac. I now see it "is" Prozac but intended for PMDD. and I have the option to take it for 2 weeks a month at a smaller dose.

I read mostly GREAT reviews but my anxiety is keeping me from starting Sarafem. I was prescribed Zoloft when I was 21 (27 now) and had every single side effect known and stopped after 3 days. I am not depressed- just severe anxiety and mood swings that are worse during PMS and period.

Need the courage to start. I have a feeling it will help tremendously but I am so afraid of side effects and withdrawal symptoms. I work early, full time, and I can't call out of work if I am suffering bad side effects as I am administration and I open the building every morning. My mind is going a million miles a minute.

Please help!!!