I am not sure if anyone can help me but I thought I'd try.
I am 19, only take birth control.
My boyfriend and I have been together for 2.5+ years.
Earlier this year in April, I was reading over our old texts and realised that I didn't have that "warm and fuzzy fireworks" feeling. And it terrified me, which started to spiral out of control. I started getting thoughts like "do I love him?" And scary stuff like that.
It went away, but came back in full force in July.
My boyfriend and I are in a long distance (400 miles) relationship. He left for college the first time in 2013, and we've been together since.
I know I love my boyfriend. I think he is the most incredible guy in the world.
Am I just feeling down or something? Is this anxiety? Because when those thoughts jump in my head, my stomach drops and my heart pounds. Or am I just upset? I am not in college, and all of my friends have moved away, so I don't get the extreme social time that I used to.
I think that these changes have affected me, and I just need help getting those irrational thoughts to stop. I just really need someone to listen to me and tell me if I'm crazy or not, haha!
My family has no history of depression or anxiety.
Thank you