Hi everyone. I can't figure out what is going on with me. I started having Empty Nest Syndrome 2 weeks ago. :-( It put me into this horrible anxiety, depression, mental state. My arms are tingling, and I've lost my appetite. However, once 5-6pm hits, I am fine. I can look back on the day & wonder why I was worrying and dwelling so much and think that it was even silly. I am able to actually eat for the first time. Then, once morning comes, I start all over with the thinking of how things were, how I want my child back home, I don't eat, and I feel nervous all day long.
I started on Sertraline 1 week ago, 25mg. The doctor also prescribed Ativan which I just started. The first day was wonderful with the Ativan!! The next 2 day, it didn't kick in like on the first day.
What is going on with me feeling horrible and awful all day long, but perfectly fine by 5:00pm??? I did this exact same thing 10 years ago - identical! However, back then, I had no reason at all as to why those symptoms started with me.
What could be going on with feeling fine at night, but bad in the day time? Thank you!