Hello! I've been struggling with anxiety for quite a few years now, but just recently it's started to get really bad where I was having panic attacks. I was on Veneflaxine for 6-7 years, but went to my doc to switch after having the panic attacks. He put me on sertraline. The conversion was horrible! Increased anxiety, shaky, panicky, loss of appetite, and just sad and afraid! So after about a week of that, he had me increase the sertraline from 25 to 50mg. and take the veneflaxine every 4th day. About 2 weeks after starting the sertraline, I went back to the doc for a check-up and had felt a bit better, but still not 100%. He had told me that it can take a while and if I felt like I needed an extra boost, I could try bumping the dose to 75mg so I did. (At that point I was completely off of the veneflaxine) That helped me for about a week and then I got anxious and shaky again. After a month I went back to the doc and had told him that things weren't really better. I'd have my good days when I was happy and calm and was hopeful that I was getting better. Then I'd have a bad day where I'd feel sad, anxious, panicky, and just plain horrible about life. I'd never been sad or depressed before taking sertraline, but I find it hard to even wake up in the morning cuz I dread facing the day. That is just not me! So after being on sertraline for 6 weeks now, I've decided to try something else! My brother takes Citalopram and works good for him and I'm considering trying it myself. Any information would be great! I'm really feeling down and helpless. Oh... and my doc recommended me to see a counselor which I started my first session yesterday. Things were OK but I need a med that will take away this feeling of sadness that I have. I will stick w/ therapy, but also need to find a med that will physically help me feel better too. Please help!