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Anxiety medications best for older women?

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Inactive 24 Sep 2010

Hi dgriffin,
Perhaps a benzo would work, like Valium, Xanax, or Ativan. I do not know if the age of a person matters or not, but benzo's work great for anxiety. They can be addictive though.
Best wishes to you,

Inactive 24 Sep 2010

Very good information, and help---

Inactive 24 Sep 2010

why, thank you kind sir!

Inactive 24 Sep 2010

I agree with sweetlemon i dont think age counts have you ever tried any benzodiazipines? anything for the anxiety before?

RSDHurtzme 24 Sep 2010

I started having panic attacks in my late 20's and was put on a benzo called Klonopin; the generic form is Clonazepam. I still suffer from them from time to time and have other anxiety issues and have been on generic Xanax since 2002. I also don't think age matters and agree they are/can be addictive but if you can't live your life because of anxiety/panic attacks/disorders, you may need this or something like it. My psychiatrist keeps me on Xanax as it also helps with some of my chronic pain and depression too.
It was prescribed to my Mom a few years ago for her high blood pressure but she now does take it for anxiety. Sometimes I wonder if the med itself caused her to have anxiety from being on it for a few years first?
My panic attacks were horrible and to know I can go places and if one even starts I can take something for it helps me to keep living my life without fear.
I hope this helps

subzero58 24 Sep 2010

hi my mother takes 2mg benzo and said if she has to she can always break them in half.

marsha79 24 Sep 2010

Benzos treat anxiety just fine... one catch,actually 2-tolerance and addiction.If you have any problems with alcohol whatsoever beware!These drugs are very attractive to someone who likes any kind of a "high".I went down the benzo nightmare trail for 20 some odd years.One becomes too many and a thousand never enough.Be very careful and take absolutely only as prescribed.I have suffered from depression and anxiety for most of my life.Including panic attacks.I am currently a recovering alcoholic and benzo addict.God bless free discount card

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