My Family medical doctor is trying to manage my depression and anxiety disorder until I can find a therapist to see and it takes weeks to get into an office around here. The last time I saw him they changed all my depression medications around and added Librium 10 mg twice a day for my anxiety. Since this change I have had swelling in my feet and ankles. I just woke up one morning and it was so severe it hurt to stand I called his office and they said it was not a side effect for my medication and that I should be seen in the ER.
I went to the ER and checked out fine I called my doctors office and told them that I thought it was the Librium causing the swelling but they refused to change it until I see someone else they don't want to take me off the Librium. I am scared to stop at myself because I've been on a month and I'm afraid I will have worse anxiety and panic but the swelling is painful and I'm not sure what to do about it. This medication is a capsule and they refused to even does decreased to 5 mg and I can't break it myself to decrease the dose to 5mg to see if that would help, I am scared and not sure what to do at this point. Any suggestions?