My doctor recently prescribed me Klonopin for anxiety disorder. Whether intentionally or unintentionally, he put 2 refills on the script. I like the meds and they have really changed my life, but I want to try some others to see if they work better for me, or if some combination works well. If I go back to him in a month and ask to try something else instead (like Xanax), will the pharmacy refill the Klonopin as well as the Xanax, or are there some federal laws about dispensing the same class of medications within a limited time period? I know I had that problem last year when I hurt my shoulder and tried to refill my Vicodin script a week early, they said I had to wait. I'm not a drug seeker and do not abuse my meds, but I like to have a large supply of them in case I have to change doctors and they are less inclined to write the script or if I am out of town (which happens a lot in my line of work).

As an alternative, can I ask him to write a script for a med in a different class to try, at least until the 2 refills on the Klonopin are gone? I have general anxiety disorder, and use the meds to get through difficult situations (like parties or a first date), so any recommendations on classes of meds that might help would be appreciated.

I am definitely looking for direct advice and suggestions, and not lectures about the dangers of medications or addiction. I am a responsible adult and do not have an addictive personality.