So I had my first full blown panic attack 2 weeks ago and the doc prescribed me .5 mg Klonopin and use half a tab to 1 tab 3x a day as needed. I have been on this prescription before and it worked like a charm for my general anxiety, I think i was prescribed 1mg tablets though.

Ive noticed Im not getting the same relief as I have in the past. when I get really bad anxiety and panic, which has been almost everyday this last week it takes me about 2 pills to calm down and then I usually go to sleep. I also dont knwo what time of day i should be taking these, I usually just wait until I get anxiety then I take them and it take for ever for them to start working. I wish I would just not get anxious in the first place. Im wondering if my prescription is too low and maybe I need a higher doseage or maybe Im not taking these the right way?

I also dont want to be too sedated beacuse I have to drive to and from work everyday so Im wondering how I can take these meds to alleviate my anxiety without getting too sedated.

I also am leaving for Europe this coming up friday. Total travel time is about 20 hrs which im really nervous about because I am most anxious when tired.- Soo my second question is how should I take these meds while traveling. Again, I dont want to be too sedated andd not be able to make my connecting flights but I also dont want any anxiety...

Any advise would be greatly appreciated,