HAVE have had insomnia my entire life 2 years ago I started getting anxiety I've been taking Ativan only when I'm really having a bad day where I can't even do the dishes I can't even bring my garbage out they're terrible I was seeing a doctor and she prescribed seroquel and I was having night terrors I said people in my bedroom and she would not take me off of it so I weaned myself off of the medication I was only on it for a few weeks but for a doctor not to help you with that problem and still let you take it when you are crying in her office shame on her I take vistaril right now 50 milligrams and 100 milligram capsules it's her sleep and anxiety it works and it doesn't work I recently am going to be seeing a different doctor as she I will not be seeing any longer she did nothing to help me and she did not care I also have Lexipro 20 milligrams a day and I have stop taking that because I'm still depressed I still cry and I still have anxiety I'm 63 years old I just got divorced and I'm living alone bless all you people